The advantages of utilizing Pinellas is multifaceted. As a manufacturer it is paramount that you get off to an expedient start. By using a well-known, well respected sales force like Pinellas you are insuring quick and effective exposer to your company as well as your products in a timely manner.

Pinellas is currently working with all classes of trade and has established placement of product with all major Chains, Wholesalers, Distributors, Mail Order and Institutions. Pinellas uses several key strategies to successfully work the pharmaceutical market, each customized to maximize the success of our Partner.

Pinellas has an extensive understanding of the competition which gives our partner an advantage when competing. Knowing the competition and knowing where the competition is helps you determine how you launch your product and where best to attach the market.

The cost of a sales force can be expensive especially at the beginning of a product launch or even pre-launch. The structure of the Pinellas compensation program is more cost effective then to create your own sales force.

Pinellas is a very well-known and successful sales and marketing company. With the experience, knowledge, and relationships Pinellas has established, partnering with Pinellas will result in success and get your company off in the right direction in this highly competitive generic pharmaceutical market.